"The Guardian Of The Hunt"


Our K-1 "Kinetic" platform are designed with a healthy mix of speed and FOC "front-of-center" for those that appreciate superior arrow flight and long range accuracy.


Our M-1 "Momentum" platform are designed for those who value a heavy hitting, high penetrating, efficient and very durable arrow.  The M-1 is composed of a 3K outer carbon weave which gives it incredible torsion strength on impact shots.

Both the K-1 and M-1 platforms are designed and built utilizing the American made Ethics Archery post/sleeve insert sytem installed with a high strength epoxy giving each of our arrow options the tolerances, consistency, and durability you deserve and should expect from a custom made arrow.  Each arrow will come with a white 3" highly reflective arrow wrap made by Onestringer and pre-fletched with a Zinger Fletch which are proudly designed and manufactured in the USA and come with a lifetime replacement guarantee!  To "tip" it off, you will also have the option of 100 or 125 grain stainless steel field points that will be installed and ready to shoot right out of the box at no additional cost!

How To Find Your Arrow Length Info 

*Measure from back of carbon to rear edge of insert/sleeve (Figures A & B above).

**Example(s) shown would measure 28".


Have someone make a mark on an arrow/shaft when at full draw to desired rear edge of insert/sleeve location (Figures C or D below

***Measure from back of carbon to mark on arrow/shaft.

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Thank you for considering Kanati Arrows!  Our arrows are custom designed and built by a small company in Southwest Michigan composed of obsessed and passionate hunters like you.  We believe we have some of the highest performing carbon arrow platforms on the market at a very competitive price.  Our arrows come ready to shoot out of the box for the archer who wants to spend less time building and more time in the field or on the range!

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"The Guardian Of The Hunt"



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